Acid etching.

 This is in no way the definitive guide on how it is done.

Ready for first acid. White acid is applied. Pored on, every company has there own way of doing this. We mask both sides and use a bath of acid.

  Ready for acid. Acid bath (jpg).
In acid etching we start with a white acid base, and build up the design using clear acids up to two or three times. Also there are stipple acids, clear glass bits can also be incorporated into the design.
  First mask. To be white base. First tone mask on white.
After the first tone a second tone was used on this panel. So here we have a Brilliant cut, White and two toned widow.
  Finished panel. Brilliant cut hand obscured and tone acid.
Here clears, in place of Brilliant cuts, acids white and two tones. Here white and two tones again. A further element acids plus varnish paints.
Further embellishments could be applied, gold leaf to the Brilliant cuts. A window or door panel would be finished at this point, but acid etched panels can be silvered. to make a highly decorative mirror.
  Applying gold leaf. Brilliant cut acid gold leaf and silvered.

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