Acid Etching. Sandblasting.

 Acid and sand blasting follow the same route for most of the way, but diverge towards the end.

 Sandblasting uses grit to mark glass, acid etching uses acids.

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Modern technology is use to good advantage in acid and sandblasting. At one time the masks used, were all cut out by hand. Now using software developed for the sign industries. The masks are cut out on sign plotters cutters.
  Design developed on computer. Mask cut out on cutter. Here JPG
Screen grabs of software running.
  Screen grab from software. Screen grab cutting out program. JPG only.
Transfer paper is stuck to mask then mask to glass. Get it wrong and you have a lot of air bubbles and crinkles.
  Mask applied to glass. Looks easy.
Weed out the areas we wish to etch with acid or sandblast.
  Weeding out design. Weeding out in action.

From here, we go one of two ways.


Acid etching.



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