Brilliant Cutting.

Some times called Wheel cutting, Glass engraving, or Cut glass.

We believe in the old adage "A picture is worth a thousand words." So we will try to explain, the craft of Brilliant cutting in pictures and small videos. Plus one or two words. (Do not forget the videos take time to down load on a slow modem, 1 to 2 cups of coffee?).

The first thing to have is a good reference to work too, a page from a real Victorian design book is a good start, or a broken sample. Even a new novel, original idea that can be translated into a master piece of glass craftsmanship.



Page from design reference book


100KBs.jpgs approx size.

15 sec, 1.3MB MPG videos

Next a full size working drawing is produced to work from, and customer approval of design if required.


Full size working drawing,

Full size drawing.

Tracing the design on to the glass using water proof paint.

  Marking out on glass Marking out on glass
The choice of grinding wheel next, the theory is to use the biggest wheel you can then as the curves cut get tighter the wheels get ever smaller, 50mm the smallest 500mm the biggest.
  Wheel profiles and cuts they achieve Grinding Wheel racks, (jpg only)
Brilliant cutting frame Glass counter balance Counter balance in action
We now have the grinding wheels, brilliant cutting frame and counter balance, we are go for work. Grind out the pattern, Dull cutting.
  Dull cut out using lines as guides Dull cutting in action
Its all cut out now. Polishing now begins using a wood disc the same size and profile. Pumice powder is used as the polishing agent.
  Wood Polishing Wood polishing in action
Wood and pumice leave the cuts with dull sheen so a final polish is given to the cuts with a felt polishing bob and a expensive glass polishing powder.
  Felt polishing Felt polishing in action
So now we have one piece of glass with a very highly polished design on it. One of four things can happen to it now.
1 Leave as is. A see through door, window glass with a refractive design that scatters light.
2 Hand obscured, All as Victorian door, window glass. Lets light through but adds privacy.
3 Acid etching, or Sandblasting. Adds privacy plus also, a lot more detail can be added.
4 Silvering. Turns the Brilliant cut glass panel into a decorative mirror.

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