A misnomer really, as you can not use sand as a blasting agent. It does you real and permanent harm. Other less harmful grits are used, different size grits leave a rough or smooth surface to the glass, this difference can be used in the design. Again this is not the definitive guide to sandblasting.

Again a design is prepared and applied to the glass using computer and cutter as previous discussed.
  Weeding out design. Blasting the design.
Sandblasted design added to a Brilliant cut door panel. This sandblasting is a simple one blast on clear glass.
  Simple blast to unmasked areas. Full panel.
3D effect can be achieved by removing a portion of the mask a bit at a time, and trying to feather the blast shallow to deep. Keeping in mind what is in front and what is behind of each bit, while working from the back.
  Deep moulded panel. Deep and shallow mirror.
The same technique, but also adding a shading blast to the water and sky. A blast which is hard to one edge and feathered out to nothing at the other.
  Deep and shaded. Deep and shaded.
Also deep and shaded. Also deep and shaded. Also deep and shaded.

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